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The information on the website is believed to be accurate ,however; any prospective Buyer should
as always, perform due diligence and consider competent legal advice from a Mexican Attorney to confirm the
validity of any documents or statements before committing to any contract.
For a brief summary of common pitfalls to avoid, which even cautious buyers are prone to, click here
Baja Real Estate Group with: the MLS DIFFERENCE,  Located in Rosarito Beach with Baja
California Real Estate Group agents marketing homes for sale in San Antonio del Mar, Real del Mar, Baja Malibu, Ricamar,
Rosarito Beach, Las Gaviotas, Club Marena, Bajamar, Puerto Nuevo, La Mision, La Salinas and Ensenada
Our hand-picked team of agents, Legal and Title Insurance Services with well over a century of combined experience can serve your Baja
relocation needs professionally and efficiently, with your security in mind at all times.
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REGION 1 (North of Rosarito)  Includes:
Km-1         Tijuana Listings
Km-6         Playas de Tijuana (Tijuana Beach)
Km-16       Punta Bandera  Region only
Km-17       Real del Mar Golf & Country Club
Km-19       San Antonio del Mar Real Estate
Km-22       Baja Malibu Real Estate
Km-23       Baja del Mar

REGION 2  (Rosarito and South) Includes:
Km-24       Ricamar
Km-26       Rosarito  Beach  in Town
Km-30       Castillos del Mar
Km-32       Costa de Oro  to  Km -38 Corridor
Km-38       Club Marena
Km-41       Cantiles Dorados
Km-44       Puerto Nuevo Area
Km-50       Mision Viejo Real Estate
Km-52       Rancho Descanso Real Estate
Km-54       Puerta del Mar Real Estate
Km-57       Plaza del Mar Real Estate
Km-61       La Mision

REGION 3  (Ensenada)  Includes:
Km-63       Punta Piedra  
Km-70       Puerto Salina Real Estate
Km-78       Bajamar Real Estate
Km-99       Cibola del MarReal Estate
Km-105     El Sahuaro del Mar
Km-109     Ensenada

REGION 4  San Felipe/Sea of Cortez

REGION 5 Baja California Sur Includes:
Cabo San Lucas
San Jose del Cabo
La Paz
Loretto Bay
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All agents are duly authorized & recognized by Mexican Federal Gov't to sell Real Property in Mexico
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Assistance with your
Property Search Visit Here

There is a lot of confusion about home ownership in Mexico.
MYTH:   Foreigners can only get a 99 year lease and NOT own property in Mexico

FACT 1: There are no 99-year leases and never have been!!  Residential leases in excess of 10 years are a  violation of federal law in Mexico.
The government does not take over land as they do in the USA through  
eminent domain law.

FACT 2:  More fee simple property has been taken away by the government in California alone in 2007 than in the past 90 years in Baja!

Fact 3: There are lease properties available in Mexico, just like elsewhere, and also those on Fed Gov't land, (Ejido and Zona Federal) which can be found on
many real estate websites.  You will not find these here as all MLSbaja listings are legally titled, full ownership properties.

We will not advertise nor sell
lease land properties, as they do NOT offer ownership of land.

This said, just as anywhere in the world, there are laws, and procedures to follow, and there is no substitute for doing proper due diligence before committing
to any purchase.   
This article by an Attny licenced in both the USA and Mexico, Dennis Peyton, may be of interest.
Major Price Reduction !
Grand Oceanview Hacienda
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??? WHY ??? is "Riviera de Rosarito" Baja's Finest All-Round Condominium Development VALUE???
Why is Riviera de Rosarito Baja's Finest All-Round Condominium Development VALUE?
Built by Baja's Most Respected & Experienced Developer, Desarollos y Inmobilarios Arnaiz, S.A. de C.V.

We all know there are plenty of condo projects along the coast of Baja from Trump(sic) Baja to Las Olas and Entremar
and countless others in between, most of which are only available in pre-sale contract.  
(There are actually over 75 which have started, but only a handful who have proven they can actually complete what they start).
Each has to be evaluated on its own merits considering the developer's track record, financial stability of the developer, location, design and
quality of the project, terms of the contract and escrow (many of which are very shaky and we would not sign ourselves), including many
we suspect may never be completed and certainly not on time, yet are using the buyers unrecoverable deposit money.

We have found virtually none who will accept penalties or cancellations if they do not perform in a timely manner or complete their entire project,
complete with clean title, prior to asking for payment in full.  The coastline is currently (June 2009) littered with a multitude of projects only partially completed,
seriously behind schedule, or under financed and with no visible work being done to assure completion anytime in the near future.

We also compare pricing, amenities offered, quality of construction, location, proximity to both essential and convenience services as well as overall value of each
project and there is currently only a small handful which can actually deliver both possession and clean title on a completed project to a prospective buyer.

Those are the only ones we believe a prudent and cautious buyer should be considering unless a pre-sale contract can be reviewed and likely
re-written by the buyer's own attorney prior to any purchase, which most developers refuse to do.  Most so-called "escrow" accounts, unlike other jurisdictions,
also release funds to the developer long before completion or closing with clean title for the buyer, putting your money at risk.

Though there are
some others we will be happy to show you, and we know other condo options will appeal to some buyers, Riviera de Rosarito, in our opinion, on
evaluating pricing, quality, title, amenities and nearby services, is the best buy and a true
Baja Development success story, as featured in the Baja News.

Whether looking for a sound investment in your future, a great beach front second home getaway, or a well maintained, no hassle retirement dream home on the
Gold Coast of Baja, Riviera de Rosarito stands out clearly above the crowd.  Please visit and compare before buying anywhere else.

Pricing, Photos and Availability of Riviera de Rosarito  here
View and Browse or Search all available homes and condos here
View and Browse or Search all available homes and condos here
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